Alpha Esquires

Alpha Esquires is a “rites of passage” youth leadership program aimed at socializing and preparing young
African-American males for manhood, fatherhood and community responsibility. Through educational
programs, social seminars and community service, we will develop our member’s natural leadership
abilities. This organization holds no cultural, religious, or political bias, yet maintains strong beliefs that
together with the gathering of intellectual minds we can enhance the outside perspective of the “Black
Man”. Our goal is to help our African-American males increase their self-esteem, confidence and social

Who are Esquires?

An Esquire is a young man that has at least 2.5 GPA and upon high school graduation he will have a
3.5 or better; he possesses leadership potential and displays a common decency towards his
elders and peers.

Why become a Esquire?

• Life seminars/lectures at local churches, youth organizations, secondary and post-secondary

• College visits; exposing you to a broader range of career role models, diversity among AfricanAmericans,
and the historic advantage of having academic freedom to work out personal
strategies for coping with demeaning and distracting racism that still pervades American society.

• Community Service: Student involvement in community projects is a part of experimental learning
that allows students to learn more about communities with problems and to have a real
understanding of what it really means.

• Study Groups: Aside from the camaraderie, the fellowship, and the fun, a support group can
assist you by elevating your spirit. If you declare your intention to study with others and know they
are depending on you, your intention will gain strength.

• Brotherhood: “Brotherhood is not just a Bible word. Out of comradeship can come and will come
the happy life for all.” – Heywood Broun

MISSION: Through educational programs, social seminars and community service, we will develop
our natural leadership abilities and become the beacon of hope our grandfathers charged
us to be.